Learning about our


Question 1

What is one's sex?

Question 2

What is gender?

Question 3

What is gender identity?

Question 4

What is meant by LGBTQI?

Question 5

How does the law look at the LGBTQI community?

Question 6

Why are some people attracted to others of their same sex?

Question 7

What is sexual orientation?

Question 8

Who is a heterosexual person?

Question 9

Who is a homosexual person?

Question 10

Who is a bisexual person?

Question 11

What is intersex?

Question 12

Why do most homosexual people hide their sexual orientation?

Question 13

Who is a transgender person?

Question 14

Who is a gay person?

Question 15

Who is a lesbian?

Question 16

How are transgender people different from gay people?

Question 17

What is gender equality?

Question 18

What is sexual and gender-based violence?

Question 19

Is being a trans-person a mental health issue?

Question 20

My religion doesn’t accept homosexuality, how do I deal with it?