We Hear You


  are the youth demanding control over our own body.

Project We Hear You is a joint effort of Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka and the British Council. Our main objective is to improve the access to SRHR (Sexual and reproductive health and rights) services to people living with disabilities.

Project We Hear You commenced in 2014 and have been working with people living with hearing disabilities. We hope to expand our scope through website and reach more people!

- Please be advised the below content is most suitable for ages 13 and above -

Encouraging the youth to move forward

We have gathered the most asked questions in relation to SRHR and their answers divided into 7 thematic areas. The information is compiled in the format of questions and answers. These questions are compiled by a professional and have been peer reviewed by youth from all around Sri Lanka. If you do not find the answer to your problem from our Content, you can always contact us through the messenger button below!


This topic discusses pleasure and the other things related to pleasure



This topic discuses the things to do with our body. Changes that one may experience during adolescence and throughout adulthood



This topic explores the concept of gender and other associated topics and myths around gender



This topics discusses the complex topic of relationship, while you may not find answers to all your Problems, this will certainly help you find a direction

Sexual abuse and Harassment

Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Here we discuss about sexual abuse and harassment and what you can do to prevent it



This topic contains useful information about HIV and Sexually transmitted infections


This topic contains useful information about various types of contraceptives (birth control methods) and their usage.

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